Hiking to Zakharovo, 30th October

Dear Friends!

On the 30th of October 2016 will be a tour to the estate Zakharovo, the museum of famous Russian poet A.S. Pushkin. This estate is located 30 km to the west of Moscow. Here we can also walk through the beautiful autumn park, and then hike through the wood. We will have the opportunity to cook tea on the fire and chat.

We go there and back by train. The point and time of meeting – metro station “Belorusskaya” (circle) 9.00 Oct 30th.

You should have warm, convenient clothes and shoes, money for museum tickets and train ( ̴ 500 Rub), student card (for discount), snack and drink (because we return only in the evening), camera, if you wish.

For participating write please to olga@tkhse.ru

Olga Kalincheva



The First Event. Season 2016/ 2017

Dear Friends!

Tourist Club HSE invites you to its first event of this season – “Otkryvashka” (“Opener”). You will be able to try youself in orienteering, to learn some alpinist knots, to work with climbing safety system and to taste typical hiking food.

The event will take place this Sunday, 18th of September 14.00 in Saltykovsky Park, metro station “Vykhino”. Our coordinator will meet you there and accompany you to the place of event.

If you wish to participate, please write to olga@tkhse.ru

Olga Kalincheva +7 968 681 28 32


Hiking Tour around Klin 24 -26 June

Dear Friends!

The Tourist Club HSE invites you from 24th till 26th June to the hiking tour around Klin. Klin is a small town located 65 km North-West from Moscow. Our route is Solnechnogorsk – lake Senezh – Boblovo – Klin. Total – 50 km. Besides, there will be a possibility to visit some local museums: the museum of famous Russian composer Tchaikovsky, the museum of scientist-chemist Mendeleev, Klin museum of local history.

If you wish to participate, please write to olga@tkhse.ru till the 1st of June.


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Welcome to Maslenitsa!

Hello, friends!

We’re realy glad to invite you to the MAaslenitsa holiday!
It’s oldest, funniest and traditional Russian feast devoted to coming of spring.

13th March, Sunday.

In suburb forest of Moscow. Exact place organizers keep in secret till 10th March. We’ll surely notify you when we will be informed about it.

A great variety of traditional Russian entertainments:
songs (chastUshki),
dances (horovOd),
various games,
people in traditional (and not always traditional)) wear,
and even friendly battles (for guys)!

Main event of all that is crowded… no, CROWDED assault of snow tower where winter hids and
long-expected destruction of it.

Some photos of last Maslenitsa http://rozhdestvenka.ru/gallery2/v/bestfoto2015/
Movie https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=127&v=PDJ4x–mpNI 

– Write to yakoval<woof!>mail.ru about your participation
– Wait instructions about meeting and place in comments later or check your e-mail 9-10th March

– Money for train ticket (about 300 rubles – full price, to become discount take your Student cards), admission to the performance is free
– Warm (and it’s desirable water-resist) shoes
– Warm wear (see forecast the day before)
– Some food and drink (by the way, pancake is the symbol of Maslenitsa cause it’s round and yellow like a sun!)
– Guys, if you want to try to assault towers, it’s very desirable to get a helmet. It costs about 150 rubles in hardware stores.
– Holiday mood!


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Bicycle-tour around Ryazan

Dear Friends!

We invite you to the bicycle-tour around Ryazan region from 1st till 5th May. We will visit ancient Russian villages Solotcha – Divovo – Konstantinovo – Poschupovo and Ryazan Kremlin (on the way home). The full route is more than 80 km. There are a lot of sightseeings on the track: museums and cloisters. We will sleep in tents and eat food cooked on a campfire.

If you don’t have a bicycle, it is possible to rent it on arrival.

About your intention to participate write please: olga@tkhse.ru

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Walking to Fryazino

Dear Friends!
The HSE Tourist Club for Athletic Tourism invites you to the hiking on the 31st of January to one of the Russian village in the nearest Moscow region, Fryazino. We will walk about 10 km through the winter forest, make a fire, tell you about our club, our tours and why hiking is so popular nowadays in our country.
Start time is 10.30 am. We will meet you at metro station “Komsomolskaya” (circle line), our train departs at 11.01 from Yaroslavsky railway station. We will spend out fast all day long, that’s why you should wear yourself warm enough and have convenient warm boots.
For participation, write to olga@tkhse.ru, have 200 Rub. for train ticket (we recommend you to take your ID student card to become discount), take some food and drink.


HSE Orient 2

hse orient

Dear HSE Students!

We invite you to take part in competition in sport orienteering. There will be three distances:

– for beginners;

– for experienced sportsmen;

– for children.

The competition takes place in Saltykovskiy park on 4th November 2015 from 10.00 till 17.00

We meet at the metro station “Vykhino” at 10 am on the platform.

For participating you should have warm convenient clothes and shoes, snack, drink, a pencil, a pin, a compass (if you have).

About your wish to participate you can write to international@tkhse.ru or SMS +79686812832, Olga Kalincheva.

You can see pictures from  last HSE Orient in our group “V Kontakte” (“В Контакте”)  http://vk.com/hse_orient



Hiking to the National Park “Elk Island”

Dear Friends,

HSE Tourist Club of Athletic Tourism invites you to hiking to the national park “Elk Island” 31.10.15
In program:
– long walking around the forest;
– visiting the folk museum “Russian Hut” with tea drinking.

We meet at the metro station “Bulvar Rokossovskogo” at 11 a.m. 31 October.
You should have
– warm clothes and comfortable shoes;
– 2 bus tickets;
– snack and drink;
– 300-400 Rub. for museum entrance tickets.

Our trip ends near metro station “VDNH”

If you are interested and want to participate, please write to international@tkhse.ru or sms +79686812832, Olga Kalincheva

P.S. Some information about the place where we go you can find here http://enelkisland.ucoz.ru/index/history/0-4

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   Elk island holds not only the forest that once surrounded the Kremlin, but the history of the rural lifestyle of the ancestors. You can visit the picturesque estate LOSINOOSTROVSKY forest Park, where is located one of the visitor centres of the National Park  the Museum exhibitionRussian hut“. There are objects of folk everyday life of XIX – XX centuries, archaeological finds from the excavations of burial mounds of the Slavs-Vyatichi. These excavations were made in “Elk islandin 1989. The most interesting object is a collection of spinning wheels XIX – XX centuries, collected in the Yaroslavl, Vologda and Kostroma regions, functioning wooden loom of the first half of the 20th century, the collection of the Arkhangelsk folk clay toys.

    There is a network of routes in the Elk Island. The forest of the Park is really rich; you can see herer birches,  oaks and elms, lindens, aspens, hazel, blueberries, cranberries; wild ginger.

   All this creates a feeling of fabulous primeval forest and it is hard to believe that you are in the boundaries of Moscow, 2 km from Yaroslavl highway and just 15 km from the Kremlin.