Walking to Fryazino

Dear Friends!
The HSE Tourist Club for Athletic Tourism invites you to the hiking on the 31st of January to one of the Russian village in the nearest Moscow region, Fryazino. We will walk about 10 km through the winter forest, make a fire, tell you about our club, our tours and why hiking is so popular nowadays in our country.
Start time is 10.30 am. We will meet you at metro station “Komsomolskaya” (circle line), our train departs at 11.01 from Yaroslavsky railway station. We will spend out fast all day long, that’s why you should wear yourself warm enough and have convenient warm boots.
For participation, write to olga@tkhse.ru, have 200 Rub. for train ticket (we recommend you to take your ID student card to become discount), take some food and drink.