Hiking Tour to Astrakhan Region

Dear friends!

The HSE Tourist Club invites you to an exciting journey to the Astrakhan oblast. During our trip you can visit the delta of Volga, lotus fields, the Caspian Sea,  high-mineralization mud resort and salt lake Baskunchak, southern steppe, the former capital of Golden Horde — Saray-Batu, Astrakhan Kremlin, the memorial complex “The Battle of Stalingrad” in Volgograd and of course, you will enjoy fishing, swimming in Volga, sunbathing, riding camels, eating water-melons and many other nice things.

Date: 1-9 July 2015

Location: Moscow — Volgograd — Astrakhan oblast — Astrakhan — Moscow

Costs: tickets, food, 2 stays in hostels, museums and other entertainments — 12.000 — 15.000 Rub (it depends on your private expenses during the tour)

Contact: Olga Kalincheva olga@tkhse.ru, +79686812832


астр кремль

The Astrakhan oblast is situated on the South of Russia. It borders with Kazakhstan (you should see about a stamp in your foreign travel passport in FMS before the trip). The region is located on altitude 30 m below the World Ocean Level. The climate is dry and hot, the middle temperature in July is +35° C, the temperature of water in Volga is +22 °C. Nights are warm and windless.


There are a lot of fish in Volga and its branches, such as Akhtuba river. In Astrakhan reserve area there are rare species of birds. The region is rich in different kinds of fruits and berries, such as melons, water-melons, grape, peach, strawberry and others.


For the trip you will need:

— light cotton clothes (shorts, T-shirts, etc.). One must have long sleeves against sun rays;

— cap;

— convenient shoes for hiking;

— flip-flops;

— swim wear;

— sun glasses;

— sun cream;

— fishing-rod (by wish)

Other equipment (tents, sleeping bags, fire and camping outfit) provides the Tourist Club.

Let’s discover Russia together!

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